2016june-190-lowresYou know that feeling when you think you’re done with something?  Like, it’s your birthday and you just ate your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant.  A feeling of fulfillment washes over you and you just can’t imagine things getting any better than this.  And then, you are startled by the wait staff singing their own contrived version of Happy Birthday (don’t you DARE sing the regular version!) and your mind goes all a flutter.  ‘How could I possibly eat another bite?’ and ‘I didn’t plan to eat any more food!’ are thoughts that pop into your head. But then the doctor, er, I mean, the waiter hands you this beautiful bab, er, chocolate lava cake!  And you give it a try and you just can’t believe what a perfect complement it is to the rest of the meal!  Full and totally satisfied, you decide to NEVER. EAT. AGAIN.

Phoenix is the Novak’s chocolate lava cake.  Just like his father, he is the third and final child and completely spoiled rotten.   Example:

Melanie looks at the clock and it says 10am.  Suddenly a little person is standing next to her.  “Mommy, cookie time?” Melanie, without hesitation, “Of course it’s cookie time!  Have three!” Melanie’s inner monologue tries to make her feel guilty: ‘I never would have given the other children a cookie for no reason.  Who is really in control here?  He may really turn into a handful one of these days.  I probably shouldn’t keep doing this…. Oh, forget it!  He’s SO cute!’

Phoenix loves Mickey Mouse, snacks, mommy hugs, Paw Patrol, and Cars.  He also loves all the attention he gets from all the other members of the family.