Our Story

Once upon a time there was a young man named Zac. Zac was a boy scout who grew up camping frequently with his parents. Rumors would once surface that he was actually conceived at a campground. Zac probably thought he would marry an outdoorsy type gal. A camo wearin, tent pitchin, from scratch cookin, fire startin gal. Named Clementine. Instead he fell madly in love with Melanie. A girl who prefers the comforts of the great indoors. One who squeals and turns into one of those weird flailing arm things you find outside of oil change places when a bug comes within 9 feet of her. A real salon going, mall shopping, netflix binging, prefers indoor plumbing gal. But, she shot guns sooooo that kind of evened everything out. And then they spawned two little people who were also afflicted with the flailing arm guy issue when even the smallest gnat would fly by.

Needless to say, camping was never a pleasurable vacation for the Novaks.

Until one fatefully day Zac decided to rent an RV from a family they knew from church. All four of the Novaks (at the time) fell completely in love with this amazing house on wheels. This glorious vehicle with all the comforts of home and the mobility to explore the great outdoors! All needs were met! All parties were appeased!

Two years and one more Novak later, they decided to invest in their own RV and have the freedom to travel anywhere, anytime. Thus began the saga of 5 Novaks and a Bus.

Never a dull moment…