2016june-113-lowresAs I begin to try to explain Melanie, the Sound of Music song “How do you solve a problem like Maria” is suddenly stuck in my head.  How strange… Anyway, Melanie is an outgoing, fun, and adventurous type spirit.  Maybe a little too fun.  You know those things that a normal person is supposed to do.  You know, daily upkeep things like scrubbing those things you eat off of and washing those things you wear and feeding those things you spawned… what are they called??  Oh yes, CHORES!  NORMAL ADULTING!  Right.  Melanie is not so much a fan.  She would much rather be eating delicious food off of those dishes, or wearing those clothes to an amusement park, or playing a game of Jenga with those always-hungry-never-full spawn.  But, with the much needed help of Zac, she has come a long way and has seen the beauty in taking care of ones things.  AND keeping up with all of that in an RV?  Not so time consuming!  It’s a beautiful thing.

Melanie was fortunate enough to find a place that would pay her to do the things she loves.  She works part time for the children’s ministry at Christ Community Chapel where she is able to use her talents of script writing, singing, and basically acting the fool on stage.  Melanie loves kids and loves teaching them about Jesus and how His love for us is written all throughout the Bible.  And if she can be a total goofball while doing that?  Win-Win!

Aside from her paying job, Melanie is blessed to call three crazy children her own.  And all of that adulting stuff?  She does her best to find the balance.  Live in squalor and enjoy the kids?  Keep a perfect house and duct tape them to the wall?  There must be a happy medium somewhere….  Melanie knows that this wifing/mothering gig is the most important one she’s got and she feels so blessed to be able to live this adventure day in and day out.