2016june-035-lowresThe first born of the Novak children, Caydence lives up to her birth order.  Caydence can be a bit shy when she’s around someone new, but wait for her to get comfortable and watch out!  This girl is sassy and independent with a larger than life personality.  And she has great leadership skills*!  Many a time has Zac and Melanie been enjoying their meal at the local Chick-Fil-A only to look over into the playroom to see their daughter standing on the bench with all the other children seated at attention in front of her while she spouts off instructions.  This girl is going places.

Caydence loves gymnastics, minecraft, hamsters, playing piano, and her long, long, LONG hair which is insists shall never be cut.  Maybe that’s where she gets her strength from… a modern day Samson.  But I digress.  To be sure, Caydence is loved by her family and a joy to be around.


*Great leadership skills- a kinder, more gentler way to say MISS BOSSY PANTS