2016june-011-lowresBroderick Jon was born two and a half years after his sister.  Broderick means “brother”.  Yes, just like the Berenstain Bears, the Novaks decided to keep it simple.  Known to most as Brody, this boy is one of the happiest kids on the earth.  Sensitive and sweet, Brody keeps his family laughing with his silly dances and his kids-say-the-darnedest-things one liners.  Brody’s happy go lucky attitude exudes from him.  The child lacks a bit of focus… SQUIRREL!  Every kid is different.  When his sister doesn’t do something that’s asked of her, she’s being a stinker.  When Brody doesn’t do something that’s asked of him, he literally forgot 0.2849 seconds after you told him to do it.  We’re working on this.

Brody loves running, jumping, and general rough housing.  He is a fan of superheros, star wars, pokemon, and minecraft.  Also, goodies.  Oh, does the kid love goodies.  He is bright and learning so much right now.  It’s a fun journey when Brody is around.