A New Season

So it’s been a while since we’ve posted on the blog 5 Novaks and a Bus. We’re sincerely sorry that we’ve been so distant and not sharing our journey with you. A lot has happened since our last post in March. Our main reason for not posting is the time it takes to put everything down on paper and telling you about the experiences. We really wanted our time to be a full focus on family growth during our travels.

With that said, we’re ready to share the back log of our experiences with you and bring you up to speed with all that we did as a family.
Think of this as “Season 2 of 5NovaksAndaBus”! The writers strike has ended, the cast has been reassembled and Netflix has announced the 2nd season of your favorite show!

So here’s our plan. We want to update the blog and keep the trip alive as long as we can. Even though our lives are more crazy and busy then ever, we wanted to commit to our fans a blog post a week to share whats going on in our current lives at Novak Manor and what happened on the road in the past 6 months. Think of this as Lost or any TV drama… This blog will have current stories, flash backs, flash forwards and maybe even a flash sideways…. Either way, its going to be awesome!

So sit back and get ready to enter the second season of 5 Novaks and A Bus!

3 thoughts on “A New Season

  1. Good ,looking forward to it. I like flashbacks. My life is a flashback. Mind is always spinning.

  2. Fabulous. Should be fun! The snippets I get third-hand from my mom are fascinating! šŸ™‚

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